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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I participate in the challenges of the initiative?
Register in the application, make sure that you have synced your steps from your mobile to the application. Then, begin counting your steps, and achieve the challenges!


How to link Android devices to the application?
Go to application settings, choose (Android) to sync ,and make sure that Google Fit application is installed on your device to start counting the steps.

What is the application code for registration?
The code is MTG.

I live outside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, can I participate in the challenges?
The initiative is intended for residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is possible in the future to expand to other countries.

What is the minutes calculated by the application?
You must make sure to sync all data, from your device to the application, through the mobile settings.

How do I walk while I'm in quarantine?
There are many ways in which you can move while you are at home, whether you are watching TV or reading a book, or playing active video games with your family!

How do I know that I won?
We contact winners through e-mail, application and announce them on our social media channels.

I won and did not receive my prize?
Please check the e-mail in the spam files or spam.

How do I register in the gaming tournaments?

You can enter the esports and gaming tournaments through NAFES platform, you can start now from here !


I have a question about the prizes?

You can contact us via e-mail




For any other questions or inquiries you can always contact us via social media!

This project is supported by Sport For All and SAFEIS, the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports.

 هذا المشروع بدعم الاتحاد السعودي للرياضة للجميع و الاتحاد السعودي للرياضات الإلكترونية والذهنية

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