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Gamers Without Borders

“One World, One Body” kicks off the 2021 season with Players Without Borders on a humanitarian mission to provide vaccines to countries and communities in need.
Exceptional experiences, celebrity interviews, charitable tournaments, over 300 community tournaments and a huge educational platform to guide thousands on their path to gaming careers.

MoveToGame Plug in with Gamers Without Borders: Move To Game Friendlies coincide with this mega event by launching two tracks of gaming tournaments: 1. Casual Gaming Tournaments. 2. Esport Tournaments

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Participate in the Walking Without Borders Challenge

Casual Gaming Tournaments

UNO Tournament

Tournament date: 21 July

Total prizes: 1300SR


UNO Tournament

Tournament date: 7 July

Total prizes: 1300SR

LODU Tournament

Tournament date: 28 June

Total prizes: 1300SR

BALOOT Tournament

Tournament date: 4 August

Total prizes: 1400SR


CHESS Tournament

Tournament date:29 July

Total prizes: 1100SR

LODU Tournament

Tournament date: 28 July

Total prizes: 1300SR

Esport Tournament


Apex Tournament

Tournament date: 14 July

Total prizes: 1300SR


Rocket League Tournament

Tournament date: 30 June

Total prizes: 1300SR

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